Top Console Games Dominating the Esports Scene

Introduction to Esports and Console Gaming

Esports, the competitive side of video gaming, has seen an astronomical rise in popularity over the past decade. What started as small gatherings in local arcades has evolved into a global phenomenon, filling huge arenas with fans cheering for their favorite teams. Notably, while PC games have traditionally dominated the esports scene, console games have carved out their own significant niche. This article dives into the top console games that are currently dominating the esports scene, offering insights into what makes them stand out and why they’ve captured both the hearts of players and spectators alike.

Top Console Games in Esports

The console esports scene, while smaller than its PC counterpart, still features intense competition and significant prize pools. Here’s a look at the top console games that are currently making waves in the esports world:

Call of Duty

As one of the most enduring and popular first-person shooters, Call of Duty (CoD) has a well-established place in the esports realm. The annual release of new titles keeps the competitive scene fresh, with the Call of Duty League (CDL) being the premier competition where teams battle it out in the latest game version.

FIFA Series

The FIFA series stands as a titan in the sports gaming genre, offering an incredibly realistic football (soccer) simulation experience. Its esports presence is marked by tournaments like the FIFA eWorld Cup, where players compete to prove they’re the best virtual footballer in the world.


Though not exclusive to consoles, Fortnite has a massive following among console players, particularly on PlayStation and Xbox. Its unique blend of shooting and building mechanics, combined with high-stakes competitions like the Fortnite World Cup, keeps players engaged and spectators entertained.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate stands out in the fighting game community for its accessible yet deep gameplay, featuring characters from across the Nintendo universe and beyond. It has a vibrant competitive scene, with tournaments such as Genesis and Evo showcasing top-tier talent.

Rocket League

Rocket League’s combination of soccer and vehicular acrobatics has captured the imagination of players worldwide. The Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) is the pinnacle of competitive play, spotlighting the game’s high skill ceiling and intense teamwork.

What Makes These Games Stand Out?

Several factors contribute to the success and popularity of these console games in the esports arena:

  • Accessibility: Console games generally offer ease of access, making it simpler for amateur players to dive into the competitive scene.
  • Community Support: Robust communities that organize tournaments, share strategies, and celebrate successes are crucial to sustaining the competitive ecosystem.
  • Developer Investment: Game developers play an essential role by supporting the esports scene through updates, balancing, and organizing official tournaments with significant prize pools.
  • Entertainment Value: These games are not just fun to play; they’re also engaging to watch, attracting large audiences for live streams and events.

Key Esports Competitions and Events

For those interested in following the action or aspiring to compete, several key esports competitions and events are essential viewing:

  • Call of Duty League (CDL): The official Call of Duty esports league, featuring teams from around the globe competing in the latest CoD title.
  • FIFA eWorld Cup: The pinnacle of FIFA esports, where the world’s best fight for the title of world champion.
  • Fortnite World Cup: A showcase of the best Fortnite players, boasting one of the largest prize pools in esports.
  • Genesis and Evo for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Premier tournaments for the fighting game community, spotlighting the best Smash players.
  • Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS): The top level of Rocket League esports, featuring high-flying, ball-kicking action.

Conclusion: Choosing the Right Game for You

The console esports scene offers a rich tapestry of genres and titles, catering to a wide range of tastes and skills. For those looking to dive into competitive gaming, choosing the right game is crucial:

  • For team players: Call of Duty and Rocket League provide robust team-based competition with opportunities for both strategic play and individual prowess.
  • For solo competitors: FIFA and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate are excellent choices, with their focus on individual skill and success.
  • For innovative gameplay enthusiasts: Fortnite’s unique blend of building and shooting mechanics offers a fresh competitive experience.

Rigorous practice, community engagement, and staying up-to-date with the latest strategies and updates are key to succeeding in these esports arenas. Whether you’re seeking fame and fortune or just looking to enjoy the thrill of competition, the world of console esports has something to offer.


What is esports?
Esports refers to competitive video gaming where individuals or teams compete against each other in various game titles for prestige, prizes, and recognition in the gaming community.
Can I make a career in console esports?
Yes, many players have built successful careers in console esports, although it requires dedication, skill, and the ability to perform well under pressure.
How do I start competing in console esports?
Begin by mastering a game, participating in community leagues and tournaments, and building a presence on social media and streaming platforms to attract attention from professional teams.
Are there any age restrictions for competing in esports?
Yes, most professional leagues and tournaments have age restrictions, typically requiring participants to be at least 16-18 years old.
How can I follow esports competitions?
Esports competitions are primarily streamed online on platforms such as Twitch and YouTube, with many events also offering live attendance options.

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