Breaking the Clock: Top Esports Game Speedrunning Records

Introduction to Speedrunning in Esports

Speedrunning in esports represents the competitive edge of gaming, where players strive to complete games or specific segments as fast as possible. This has not only spawned a vibrant community but has also led to the creation of numerous records across various titles. From iconic classics to the latest releases, speedrunners have continuously pushed the boundaries of what is considered possible within the digital realms. This article dives into some of the top esports game speedrunning records, highlighting the passion and precision of the gaming community.

Key Components of a Successful Speedrun

Before we explore the records, it’s essential to understand what makes a successful speedrun. Here are a few key components:

  • Strategy: Detailed planning on how to tackle each section of the game.
  • Execution: Precise and skillful gameplay to follow through with the strategy.
  • Glitches and Tricks: Utilizing game mechanics or bugs that can shave off time.
  • Practice: Repeated playthroughs to refine techniques and strategies.

Top Esports Game Speedrunning Records

Now, let’s delve into some of the unforgettable records that have been set in the world of esports game speedrunning.

1. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Regarded as one of the most influential games in speedrunning history, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time has seen its share of record-breaking moments. The current record for an Any% completion (finishing the game with any percentage of completion) stands impressively at just under 17 minutes. This feat was achieved by exploiting glitches to skip vast portions of the game.

2. Super Mario 64

Super Mario 64 is another classic that has captivated speedrunners worldwide. Players attempt to collect 120 stars as quickly as possible. The current 120-star record hovers around the 1 hour and 38-minute mark, showcasing incredible skill and a deep understanding of the game’s mechanics.

3. Minecraft

While Minecraft might not be the first title that comes to mind when thinking of esports, its speedrunning community is fervent. The record for completing the game and defeating the Ender Dragon in “Any% Random Seed Glitchless” currently stands at roughly 14 minutes, a testament to the players’ ingenuity and expertise.

4. Dark Souls

Notorious for its difficulty, Dark Souls is a prime candidate for speedrunning. The fastest recorded time to beat the game without any additional restrictions is under 32 minutes. This showcases an extraordinary level of skill, especially considering the game’s unforgiving nature.

5. Fortnite

While Fortnite is primarily known for its battle royale mode, it also has time trial challenges that the community competes in. Achieving the fastest times requires not just quick reflexes but also strategic planning and execution.

Communities and Competitions

Speedrunning would not be what it is today without its dedicated communities and competitions. Websites like provide leaderboards, forums, and resources for speedrunners of all levels. Meanwhile, events like Games Done Quick raise money for charity by showcasing speedruns of various games, further promoting the speedrunning culture.

Conclusion: Making Your Mark in Speedrunning

Breaking a speedrunning record in an esports game is a monumental achievement that requires patience, skill, and dedication. Whether you’re drawn to the classics like The Legend of Zelda or prefer the unpredictability of Minecraft, the world of speedrunning is open to all who wish to test their limits. For beginners, starting with games you are passionate about and joining communities can provide invaluable support and resources. For veterans, continually refining techniques and staying abreast of new strategies and glitches are key to keeping those records.

For casual gamers looking to dip their toes into speedrunning, Minecraft and Super Mario 64 might be compelling starting points due to their active communities and wealth of resources. Hardcore players seeking a strenuous challenge may find games like Dark Souls or The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time to be right up their alley, where mastering glitches and game mechanics can lead to groundbreaking records. Lastly, competitive gamers who enjoy both strategy and physical prowess might take a keen interest in community competitions within games like Fortnite.

In essence, speedrunning is not merely about breaking records but also about the personal journey of surpassing one’s limits and contributing to a vibrant, global community. So, why not give it a try and see where your gaming skills can take you?


What is speedrunning in gaming?

Speedrunning is the practice of completing a game or a specific segment within a game as fast as possible, often utilizing extensive planning, practice, and sometimes exploiting glitches.

Can anyone start speedrunning?

Yes, anyone interested in improving their game completion times can start speedrunning. Joining a speedrunning community and watching tutorials can help beginners.

Are there resources to help new speedrunners?

Yes, there are numerous resources available, including online communities, video tutorials, and live streams from experienced speedrunners.

Do speedrunners play on specific platforms?

Speedrunners can play on any platform, including consoles, PC, and handheld devices, depending on the game.

How are speedrun records verified?

Speedrun records are usually verified by community-run websites through video evidence and, in some cases, live validation during events.

We hope this article has provided valuable insights into the thrilling world of speedrunning within esports. Whether you are curious, a newcomer, or a seasoned speedrunner, there’s always a new boundary to push or record to break. Feel free to share your experiences, ask questions, or suggest corrections in the comments. Let’s continue to support and grow the speedrunning community together!