One of the featured activities in a Dreamhack event would be the eSports scene along with DreamExpo, Cosplay competitions and even new game development exposures. Dreamhack Masters Atlanta 2017 just ended and the next big event in line would be the Dreamhack Masters Malmö 2017.

This event will take place at the Malmö Arena, Sweden, during the 30th of Augusto until the 3rd of September. In this spectacular event players from the World’s current best CS:GO teams will come and compete in the Arena for $250,000 and become the Dreamhack Masters Malmö 2017 Champions.

Format Group Stage:

  • Group Stage (Bo1 + Bo3)
  • Four Groups with four teams on each side
  • Double Elimination
  • Top two from each bracket (group) will move on to the playoffs

Format Playoffs:

  • Playoffs Elimination Bracket (Bo3)
  • Single Elimination

CS:GO Teams that have qualified for Dreamhack Malmo:

  • Astralis
  • FaZe Clan
  • Fnatic
  • G2 Esports
  • Gambit Esports
  • Immortals
  • Natus Vincere
  • Ninjas in Pyjamas
  • North
  • OpTic Gaming
  • SK Gaming
  • pro
  • O.O.T-dream[S]cape
  • Team EnVyUs
  • Mousesports – Eu Qualifier
  • Renegades – North America Qualifier

Upcoming Dreamhack Events in 2017

Dreamhack Montreal, will take place on September 8-10. You can read more about the upcoming event here.

Dreamhack Denver, will take place on October 20-22. More information about the event can be read here.

DreamHack in Leipzig

For three days Leipzig will once again be the gravitation centre of the gaming festival: Thousands of visitors flocked to the DreamHack on Friday at the Leipzig Trade Fair. Among other things, Germany’s biggest LAN party, many scene celebrities and countless opportunities to try things out are waiting.

The people of Leipzig no longer have to mourn the Games Convention: with the DreamHack, an adequate replacement has been found which, on top of everything, has its own charm – and is much more diverse than the cologne fair, which essentially focuses on the presentation of new games.

  • Germany’s biggest LAN party,
  • a cosplay competition,
  • numerous eSports tournaments to win large sums of money,
  • the latest technology trends and many booths where you can help yourself,

the DreamHack is as versatile as its visitors. On the first day, thousands of visitors flocked to the New Trade Fair Centre.

Celebrities from the scene on site

DreamHack is growing – not only in terms of the number of visitors. Also at the booths more and more scene celebrities can be found. This year, for example, the trade fair was able to win the renowned games magazine “Gamestar” as a media partner.

The editors Natascha and Michael report the whole weekend via live stream from the fair. “In 2018 we were only there as a reconnaissance troop, this year we stream daily from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.”. The programme includes discussion panels with the Vice President of the eSport-Bund Germany and casemodding star Ali.

The developer stars of tomorrow?

Not only the big ones can present themselves at DreamHack – the small ones are also welcome. A dozen young game developers are represented in the Indie Booth Arena. Visitors will find one thing above all else: creativity. From small rhythm games to complex space simulations, there are plenty of fresh ideas from small teams from German-speaking countries to experience.

Lukas and Hendrik from Zurich have brought along their game “unrailed! “It’s great when you can play your game together with strangers and get immediate feedback,”.

Technique trends to try out

The visitors of DreamHack love video games. But for them to run, they also need the right hardware. Accordingly, the manufacturers of PCs, monitors and graphics cards are prominently represented. Well-known companies such as Samsung, MSI and Schenker XMG from Leipzig will be present. Many visitors also want to try out the trend technology Virtual Reality (VR).

Thanks to the oversized glasses you can literally dive into virtual worlds. Timo is on the DreamHack for the second time and has tried his hand in the VR game “Space Pirates”. “The technology is still too expensive for a private purchase,” says the 24-year-old.

Creative costume splendour

Of the self-made costumes, which are based on video game and anime characters, only a few were on display on Friday. On Saturday, when the Cosplay contest will be the secret highlight of the DreamHack, the picture will be much more colourful.

Amanda is a cosplayer with body and soul: “I also wear this outfit in my spare time and in the office”, says the woman. “But since I’m a system administrator, it’s no problem.” At DreamHack, she promoted a similar event: The MAG Games and Manga Convention in Erfurt, which takes place there in October.

DreamHack 2019 runs until Sunday, February 17th. On Saturday the big cosplay contest will take place and the final of the German Casemodding Championship will take place.

Record number of visitors

The fourth Leipzig DreamHack is finished. Once again a record number of visitors could be recorded – the Gaming-Festival has become bigger and more diverse. However, the offer is still aimed at a clear target group.

Saturday evening, Hall 5. The air has become thicker, the volume level has dropped. Early on Friday it was still different. There was an almost refreshing enthusiasm in the air when almost 1700 people set up camp here. In their luggage: can ravioli, energy drinks, biscuits and more. Tents were erected, camp beds were set up, fairy lights were installed, PCs and monitors were wired. They all came to play. For three days, at Germany’s largest LAN party at DreamHack Leipzig.

Reallife multiplayer

Two of these 1700 are Jan and Florian. One 25, from Aachen, the other 21, from Austria. Both meet personally for the first time in Leipzig, although they have been part of the same eSports team for a year now. Under the name TKA they will compete in the round of sixteen of the “CS:GO Main Tournament” on Saturday. Full concentration, no distraction allowed. It’s not about prize money, but about the coveted title of the best players at the LAN party. The passion for competition is what unites the people here.

“You are among like-minded people for three days,” Jan sums up the enthusiasm of many. “And you have everything that makes up the scene under one roof: LAN party, cosplay, professional tournaments. The latter will not take place where Jan and Florian reside, but in the opposite hall 4. Compared to Friday, it has even become louder and more colourful there – and much fuller. Two large stages with numerous rows of chairs want to accommodate the public interest in tournaments in “Rocket League” or “Heartstone”. But only rarely are there enough seats. Those who are not familiar with the games can only understand the station. And yet: thanks to the screen, commentators and the frenetic cheering of the spectators, the atmosphere is just as captivating as in “real” sport. Not to mention the prize money, some of which is four to five figures.

Artistic disguise – for man and machine

The passion for competition can also be seen in the recent win of the DreamHack – the German Cosemodding Championship – as well as in the annual crowd-puller: the big cosplay competition. The costumes celebrated here by the crowd are as varied as the impressions gained at DreamHack. The layman as well as the hobby player will also have many opportunities to shake hands at the DreamHack. There is a free place everywhere, be it at the Leipzig eSports Club, at the Indie-Booth booths, where 15 young developers present themselves, or at a manufacturer who wants to present his latest graphics card.

Once again, the festival recorded a record attendance of 20,600 visitors, as the trade fair announced on Sunday. This is probably due not only to the growth of the scene and industry but also to the new age rating concept. Undoubtedly a positive development, but it also raises the question of whether the trade fair will eventually grow beyond itself. Because no matter who you ask, they all like coming to DreamHack because it is so compact and concentrated. Because here you are among like-minded people for three days.